TAMA 38 project management, tenant supervision

TAMA 38 project management, tenant supervision

A. Barken & Co. Ltd is a management and construction company dealing in initiating and construction of real estate projects, and managing projects for other clients.

As a company with a solid reputation proven over forty five years, A. Barkan & Co. Ltd has been awarded the highest classification (5c), enabling it to build on an unlimited scale.

Over the years, the company has initiated and built thousands of housing units throughout Israel, built public buildings, and managed projects for entrepreneurs and various organizations.

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Management of TAMA 38 projects, supervision on behalf of the residents

The company has a professional department specializing in project management and construction supervision, based on highly experienced professional staff. There are quite a few project management companies in the market; however, few have the record and experience of A. Barkan, which also has the broad perspective of an entrepreneurship and contracting company, a factor that sets it apart from standard project management and supervision companies.

The company has high project management capabilities, based on dozens of projects and thousands of housing units managed by it. The company has the ability to closely supervise works at the construction site, with emphasis on adherence to schedule and ongoing reporting to the residents with regard to quality of construction and rate of progress, in all types of existing TAMA projects (reinforcement TAMA 38/1, demolition and reconstruction 38/2, and evacuation and construction 38/3).

Services provided as part of management and supervision for residents:

  • Examining all aspects of the entrepreneurial company’s proposal, including planning (whether addition or new construction), working plans and technical specification.
  • Ongoing engineering guidance and supervision of construction work throughout the project until completion of construction and handing over the apartments.
  • Setting a schedule for the project in conjunction with the entrepreneurial company.
  • Close tracking of work as against the schedule.
  • Issue of engineering supervision reports on a current basis.
  • Guidance and supervision of the process of delivering the apartments and common property to the residents.
  • Guidance to residents vis-à-vis the entrepreneurial company with regard to defects during the test year.

Management and supervision services performed by A. Barkan are provided to residents free of charge, since they are paid by the entrepreneurial company as part of the TAMA agreement.

Additional services provided to the residents’ representatives, promoting the TAMA process without a leading entrepreneur:

  • Calculation of quantities and bill of quantities (BOQ) for preparation for contractor/entrepreneur tender
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Compiling of comparison tables for choosing the winning contractor
  • Guidance through the process of signing with the chosen contractor/entrepreneur

For details, contact us at:

Tel. 972-2-6515015
Fax. 972-2-6515255
Email: barkan@abarkan.co.il

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