Accessibility statement

Company a. Barkan, has recognized the importance of a website to the general public of its customers, including people with sensory, cognitive and technological disabilities. Building a website accessible to all populations is one of our commitment.
Please note that despite our efforts to make all pages accessible on the site, parts of the site may not be accessible. We are continuing our efforts to improve site accessibility as part of our commitment to enabling it for the general population including people with disabilities.

Keyboard navigation
The site supports keyboard navigation using the TAB key, the arrows and pressing the Enter key will activate the various links. In addition, the first link on each “Skip to main content” page will allow you to go directly to the page content.

Text color and background color
The “Change Contrast” button at the beginning of each page of the site allows a high contrast level where yellow text appears on a black background.

Increase site caption
• To increase text on the site: Use the Ctrl + key.
• To reduce text on the site: Use the Ctrl key -.
• To return the site text to its original size: use the Ctrl 0 key.

Resize screen display
• To enlarge the screen: press the F11 key.
• To reduce the screen to its original size: press the F11 key again.

Browser support
The site supports the following browsers:
• Edge
• Firefox
• Google Chrome

If you are having difficulty browsing the site, or have a comment, please contact us.